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Why You Need a Case to Protect Your Tablet

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When Apple first announced the original iPad, no one had any idea exactly what Apple was about to create.  Not only did the tech company create an entirely new market for a new tech gadget that would soon make its way in one form or another into millions of households across the country, but they began a new industry filled with thousands upon thousands of accessories and other extras designed to make your tablet experience that much better.

Today, there are so many extras for iPads and, of course, Android and Windows tablets that you could probably open a store the size of WalMart and still not have enough room to showcase each accessory.  The most common accessories you see today are:

  • Cases
  • Headphone
  • Keyboards
  • Chargers
  • Stylus
  • Speakers

These are only a few of the accessories you can find if you just spend just a few minutes on the Internet searching, and no matter what type of tablet you have, be it an iPad, an Android, or a Windows tablet, you can find a whole host of accessories designed to make your mobile computing experience that much more enjoyable and not to mention functional.

Let’s Talk About Cases


Of course today we are not here to talk about all the different types of accessories you can pick up for your shiny new tablet.  Today, we want to focus on cases.  Now, many of you may wonder why you won’t to cover up that really slick looking high-end iPad or Samsung tablet you just invested a lot of your hard earned dollars to get.  After all, once you enclose it in a case, you won’t be able to enjoy the styling that many of the manufacturers’ have incorporated into their tablet designs.  However, a case is actually the most important accessory you will ever buy for your tablet.  In fact, the same day you buy your tablet, you really should go ahead and find a good case to go with it. Why, you ask?  Well, let’s take a look at a few of the reasons why a case is a good investment.

Benefits of Tablet Cases

There are many reasons why you need to seriously consider buying a case on the same day you buy your new tablet.

  1. Protection – I admit, this may be obvious to many of you, but you would be surprised how many people I see walking around with a tablet without a case and then look at me with surprise when their expensive new tablet ends up with a scratch on it, or worse. While different cases provide varying degrees of protection, almost all of them will do at least a halfway decent job of protecting it from scratches.  If you need more protection, you can always opt to invest in a case that is designed to even protect your tablet for drops and other mishaps that could result in a broken screen.
  2. Style – Who doesn’t like to show off their own personal style on their devices? After all, if you do nothing, your tablet will look basically like everyone else’s.  That’s not only boring, but could be confusing as well.  So, in an effort to set yourself apart, you can pick a case that just screams you.  In today’s market, you can get almost any type of case you can think of.  There are leather cases, hard shell cases, cases in blue, black, orange, hot pink and many more.  Hell you can even find cases in leopard or zebra print if that’s what you like.  My point is you can find a case that suits your own personal style quite easily and this allows you to truly treat your tablet as a true accessory to yourself, instead of just another device that you use.
  3. Features – Depending on the case you choose, you could find that adding a case will add a lot more functionality to your tablet experience. Some for example, contain magnetic stripping that will automatically wake and sleep your tablet just by opening the case.  Others even include a Bluetooth keyboard so you can type emails or documents on a physical keyboard instead of the touchscreen keyboard that some people find difficult to use.  Most cases also include some handy ways to stand your tablet up so it sits on a desk, table, or even your lap in such as a way that is much easier to use for either work or play.  Most of these features are simply not available when you use a tablet without a case, and you will only get these features if you buy the right case.


Drawbacks of Cases

While I believe that every tablet owner should buy a case for their device, I won’t ignore some of the drawbacks of using cases.  I believe you need to know what you are getting into when you pick up a case.

  1. Hides Tablet’s Style – While you can customize a case to match your own personal style, if you happen to be someone who loves the style of your tablet outside of a case, then you will not enjoy how a case hides your tablet from view. Of course, there are a few clear cases out there, but their protection is limited and, while they allow you to see the style of your tablet, they can still add a bit of bulk that takes away from the sleek design of your tablet.
  2. Wear Out Easily – Some cases wear out more easily than others, but even if you buy the most expensive and best quality cases out there, you will one day be faced with having to replace it, especially if you keep your tablet for a long period of time. Tablet cases are constantly being opened and closed and take the brunt of all of life’s hard knocks on your tablet.  That’s good because that’s why you have it in the first place.  But you need to be aware that all those hard knocks will take their toll and you will one day have to shop for a replacement.
  3. Compatibility – Most cases are designed to work with only a few tablets out there, and some only work with one model. This can make it confusing when you go shopping as you try to find a case that works for your tablet.  Some tablets have more cases available than others as well.  The iPad for example, probably leads the pack with options followed by the big Android tablet makers such as ASUS and Samsung.  If you buy an off brand tablet, however, your mileage may vary on your case options.  This also means when you upgrade your tablet, you will probably have to buy yet another new case for it as the one you already have may not work.

Choosing the Right Case


So now you understand the benefits of a case, but how do you choose the right case for you?  When you are shopping, it is important to take into account several different things so you make the right choice for you.

  1. Features – Different tablets come with different features and you must decide what features you want with your new tablet. If you don’t need anything fancy, one with a simple magnetic strip to wake your tablet when you open it may suffice.  Of course, if you want to type long documents, one that has an included Bluetooth keyboard may be a better option.  Decide what you want to get out of your new case and tablet before you make your buying decision and be sure you select the tablet case that will give you those features when you make your purchase.
  2. Protection – Some of us need more protection than others. Let’s face, some of us are more clumsy and tend to drop things more often.  Others may have children that could grab it and give it a toss.  Each case offers different levels of protection from very little to you could drop it off a building type of protection.  Other cases are even waterproof so if it accidentally takes a dip in a bathtub or even a toilet (for example, kids giving it a toss) it will be shielded from the potential catastrophic effects of water.  When buying your new tablet case, you must take this into account.  It could be the most important part of selectin your new case.
  3. Style – While not as important as the first two on this list, you want your new tablet case to be stylish and match your personality. If you like loud and boisterous, look for a case with a patterned design or even bright colors.  If you prefer something more traditional and conservative, something in black or brown leather may be just the case for you.  Look for a case that provides the level of features and protection you need in a style you want.  I’ll be honest, though.  Sometimes you won’t find a fancy style with the latest and greatest features, so you may have to sacrifice your love of zebra stripes for that added water resistance that you need because of the two year old you have roaming your house.
  4. Budget – For all of us, sometimes it can come down to budget. You can find cases in a wide range of prices from the very cheap, sometimes less than $10, to the very expensive often costing $100 or even more.  In most cases, the higher the price, the more features and protection you will receive.  But, sometimes you may have to sacrifice something you want to get something that you can afford.  Once you decide on all the other factors we have talked about above, look at the price and if you need to, decide what features and levels of protection you can live without to bring the price down within your budget.


No matter what type of tablet you decided to buy, you want to be sure it stays protected as you carry with you through everyday life.  That is why you must make sure you buy a case for your tablet.   If you don’t buy a case for your tablet, you could quickly find that something as small as a fall from your couch or an accidental drink spill could turn your expensive piece of technology into a glorified paper weight.

When you shop for a new tablet case, remember to take into account what features you want, how much protection you think you will need based on your usage and habits, the style, and, of course, how much you want to spend.  This will help guide you through the process of searching for a new tablet case so you can be sure you choose the right one for your needs.  This will help you make sure that you not only protect your new tablet, but also enhance your experience using it as the same time.