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What Should You Do with That Old Tablet

Ever wonder what you should do with that old tablet. Check out these ideas to breathe new life into your old device.

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What Should You Do with That Old Tablet

It may be hard for some of you to believe, but tablets have been around for quite some time now.  That means that many of you, especially those of you who came in early in the tablet revolution, have probably replaced an aging tablet with a new one.  At the very least, many of you are now probably looking at upgrading the tablet you have.  Once you do, you gain access to many new features and better hardware that makes your mobile computing life just that much better.

Of course then you must consider what you should do with that old tablet you have now holding down your desk or night stand.  Thankfully, there are many ways you can reuse that old tablet that allow you to breathe new life into that aging device.  Let’s take a look at some obvious and unique ideas for that aging tablet so you know what you will do with it before you upgrade.

1. Make It a Backup Device

Tablets are often lost and even stolen on a fairly regular basis.  Let’s face it, there is a reason why manufacturers have created those “Find My Device” features we have all become accustomed to.  If something happens to your new device, it would be nice to have a backup, wouldn’t you say?  Load the apps that you need to function onto it and keep it updated and charged.  That way you have a device to fall back on if you do end up needing it.

2. Give It To the Kids

We all know how much kids love to use tablets.  Heck, we all love using them.  So instead of constantly handing over your tablet to the kids so they can play a game or buying them a new kids tablet, reset your tablet and set it up for them to use.  You can easily wipe out all your important data and put the games and apps that they want to use on it.  That way you can both sit together and enjoy all that sweet, tablet goodness as a family.

3. Create a Digital Picture Frame

Digital picture frames are all the rage today, but why pay the price for one of these picture frames when you can just transform your old tablet into one yourself.  Add the pictures you want to display and set the slideshow on it how you want and boom, you have a digital picture frame without having to buy a special device and loading images onto it.

4. Create a Baby Monitor

There are apps out there that allow you to transform your smartphones and tablets into baby monitors or even security cameras.  You can then monitor them using another mobile device on your network.  This is a great way to reuse your old tablet, especially if you have a newborn in your home or a baby on the way.

5. A New Alarm Clock

Instead of heading out and buying yourself a digital alarm clock, why not use the clock apps included with your device or install one of the fancy apps to create one using your old tablet.  All of the apps today come loaded with every feature you need for an effective alarm clock, so why not dedicate that aging tablet for that task.  I guarantee that it is perfectly suited for it.

6. Sell It

You may be surprised but even older tablets can still fetch a decent price on the used market.  In most cases, they will still be able to run many apps pretty well and are great options for budget shoppers looking for a tablet on the cheap.  Just make sure you don’t price it too high.  Check the online classifieds to see what they are going for in your area and set your price accordingly based on the specs of your device.  You will probably sell it relatively quickly that way.

7. Give It To Someone

If a friend or family member doesn’t have a tablet, I’m betting they would enjoy getting even a used one from you.  After all, you don’t really need it anymore, so why not spread a little joy and give it to someone close to you that could make use of it, even if it is starting to show its age a little bit.  I bet they would still appreciate it and use it for as long as they can.

8. Consider Donation

Many schools and other charitable organizations are in need of good technology, even if it is starting to age a little bit.  In most cases you will find they will be more than happy to take an old tablet off your hands and they will make great use out of it either in their charitable business, the education of children, or even as devices they sell for cheap to people who can’t afford but still need access to technology.

9. When All Else Fails, Recycle

If none of these options sound good to you, you could always opt to just get rid of it.  Just don’t toss it into the garbage.  Like computers, these devices contain materials that are harmful to the environment.  And they can be reused as well in the creation of newer devices.  Once you are finished with an old tablet and have absolutely no more use for it, why not recycle it?  Take it to your local computer shop and toss it into their recycling.  In most cases, it won’t cost you a thing and if you take it with you when you a buy a new one, you may even receive a credit on your purchase as well.  So why not do your part for the environment.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many uses out there for that old tablet.  Remember, before you turn your tablet over to anyone, make sure you reset it back to the factory defaults.  This will wipe out all your old data so no one else can access it.  In the end, there is nothing wrong with being cautious and secure, especially if you are giving it to an organization or someone you don’t know.

So instead of simply throwing out that old tablet, why not try to repurpose it and give it new life.  You will probably discover that you will give it a few more years of life before it is no longer useful anymore while at the same time getting even more benefits from the device you spent a great deal of money and time on for so long.