Kindle Oasis 2017 7-inch

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The 2017 Kindle Oasis is a popular high-end e-reader that has received positive reviews for its awesome display, with users pointing out that it has more uniform backlighting when compared to the 2016 model, and it has a better resolution of 300ppi. Users liked the Audible integration, which allows you to enjoy audio books. It is said to be incredibly lightweight and many praised its IPX8 waterproofing.. Users liked its premium look and the vast ebook titles that are made available. However, while it is incredibly lightweight, it is said to be quite slippery due to the aluminium body that is slightly larger and heavier compared to the previous version. It is also incredibly expensive, with many of the cheaper modern Kindles delivering a very similar experience for half the price. Another issue pointed out by some users was that the battery life seems to drain faster than the previous model. The new Kindle Oasis features Audible integration and has an improved screen quality, and it really does have a premium look to it, but the price is a little steep and the battery seems less reliable than before.

Positive Reviews
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  • Improved backlighting
  • Brilliant display
  • Water resistant
  • Premium look
  • Audible integration
  • Great selection of e-books


  • Very expensive
  • Short battery life
  • Slippery

Bottom Line

The 2017 Amazon Kindle Oasis is a premium e-reader that comes packed with great features, but it has a massive price tag and customers noted that the battery life is shorter than expected.

  • Weight: 0.42 lbs
  • Display Size: 7 inch
  • Battery Life: 36 hours

Critic Reviews

  • 90 October 31, 2017

    While not as lightweight as the original Kindle Oasis, the larger screen, more durable aluminum chassis and full waterproofing are important upgrades that put the new Oasis at the top of the e-reader class.

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  • 90
    PCMag October 31, 2017

    If you don't mind paying a premium, Amazon's Kindle Oasis is the waterproof ebook reader you've been waiting for.

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  • 80
    DigitalTrends October 31, 2017

    Amazon’s original Kindle Oasis is a tough act to follow. We called it the “best, sexiest ebook reader that money can buy” in 2016, thanks to its gorgeous screen, slim design, and two-month battery life. Fortunately for avid readers, Amazon’s all-new Kindle Oasis both builds upon those stellar features, and goes to the next level with one feature that loyal Kindle users have been waiting for all along: It’s finally waterproof.

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  • 80
    TrustedReviews January 26, 2018

    When the Kindle Oasis first launched, it was clearly a luxury product. While it struggled to up its offering next to the cheaper Kindles in terms of functionality, even lacking in some areas, it at least looked gorgeous. Although functionality isn’t an issue anymore, the Oasis might still prove a hard sell. image:

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Full Specifications

Weight 0.42 lbs
Battery Life 36 hours
Connectivity 4G LTE | Wi-Fi | Bluetooth
Internal Storage 8GB
Removable Memory up to 32GB
Display Size 7 inch
Display Type TN
Display Technology Monochrome E Ink
IP Rating IPX8
Additional Features microSD card reader, waterproof panel
Dimension (LxWxH) 6.3 x 5.6 x 0.3
Warranty 1 year limited

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