Amazon Kindle 2012

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The Amazon Kindle 2012 edition is a bestselling e-reader tablet that received positive reviews for it’s affordability coupled with a lightweight form factor ideal for reading on the go. The Kindle lacks some of the more advanced features of more expensive tablets, such as a touchscreen interface and a self-lighting display, though makes up for it with it’s low price point ideal for entry level users looking for a simple e-book reader without the bells and whistles of more expensive models.

Positive Reviews
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  • Weight: 0.34 lbs
  • Processor:
  • Display Size: 6 inch
  • Operating System: Fire OS 4

Critic Reviews

  • 70
    CNet November 13, 2012

    The $69 Amazon Kindle is an excellent no-frills e-book reader for anyone who’s willing to forgo a built-in light or a touch screen.

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  • 80
    PCMag November 20, 2012

    The $69 base version of the Amazon Kindle is even better than before, thanks to a price drop and a slightly improved display.

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  • 90
    TrustedReviews November 27, 2012

    The Amazon Kindle 2012 doesn't change all that much in the blueprint laid down by the excellent not-touch 2011 model. It's light, it's affordable and it's better-made than many an entry-level ereader.

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Full Specifications

Operating System Amazon Fire OS 4
Weight 0.34 lbs
Connectivity Wi-Fi
Removable Memory None
Display Size 6 inch
Display Type TN
Display Technology Monochrome E Ink
Additional Features e-ink display
Dimension (LxWxH) 6.5 x 4.5 x 0.34

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