Tablet Buying Guide Part 1: Tablet Basics

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To tablet, or not to tablet.


For those of you that are new to tablets this is the article for you.

Tablets have become increasingly popular over the years and become a household item in most modern homes. While they will never be a full PC replacement, they have opened up an entirely new market of their own.

But why the appeal? The answer lies somewhere between entertainment,  information and work.



What tablets are really good at, and in my mind what their design fits the most for,  is reading, browsing the Internet and multimedia entertainment. The key emphasis here being on reading and learning. After all, who would rather not be catching up on the latest news or business trends sitting on their couch in their underpants rather than sitting rigid in front of their desks. Tablets provide the perfect portability to allow for digesting information almost anywhere – on the toilet, in bed, in your mothers bed, in your friends bed and everywhere in between.  In the old days they used to call tablets aimed at reading e-books E-readers. This is an outdated term though as there is so much more to the Internet than e-books.

Although tablet manufacturers make a big hoo hah about games and screen quality for movies and other entertainment, in essence this should only really appeal to the quintessential youngster. Real men (and women) use tablets to learn and scour the Internet’s vast repositories of knowledge in the name of self improvement.

That said, there is nothing wrong with the odd movie or a bit of fun and for teenagers and youngsters and enjoying some media. In essence tablets are a bundle of mobile joy with all the plusses of a nice big screen without the hassle of a bulky keyboard. A lot of tablets that are good for entertainment have larger screens than other variants and higher screen resolutions for crystal clear vision. This site was designed to help offer tablet reviews from major publishers and to help offer insights into the pros and cons of each tablet model.

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