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Six Ways to Improve Tablet Battery Life

Find out just what you need to do to improve tablet battery life so you get the most out of your tablet between charges.

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Six Ways to Improve Tablet Battery Life

No one enjoys having to stop and charge their tablet.  For all their strengths, perhaps the weakest part of any tablet is the battery.  In the end, they only hold so much juice and the more you use your tablet, the more often you will have to charge it.  It’s just the way things are. Budget tablets especially often ship with mediocre batteries from the get-go so also warrant extra battery care to make them last.

Still, there are things you can do to improve the life of your battery so you don’t have to plugin quite so often.  Today, let’s take a look at exactly how you do that and even take a quick look at a few practices you should be doing to not only get more life out of your battery between charges, but also get more out of your battery over the entire life of your tablet.

Improve Your Battery Life

Check out these six ways to improve your battery life so it lasts you longer between charges and keeps a charge for the full life of your tablet.

1. Turn Down That Brightness

Sure you love your screen on your tablet to be bright and clear so it is easy to read, but do you really need it to be on full blast?  Probably not.  Your screen is the source of the biggest drain on your battery, and the brighter your screen, the more battery you will use.  Most tablets will allow you to set an auto adjust based on the lighting around you so you can always see it, but if it doesn’t, why not try backing down the brightness just a little bit.  This will save a lot of your precious battery power so you can get a little more out of it between charges.

2. Turn Off Background Data Sync

One of the latest improvements to tablets and smartphones is the ability to update apps even when you aren’t running them.  Before, you had to launch an app to get the latest updates to it.  Today, they can run in the background and bring you the latest updates so the app is ready to use as soon as you launch it.  While this is great if you want to see the latest information on your app, this does require a little battery power.  These apps have to run in the background to sync their data.  This not only uses battery, but your data as well.  To save a bit of battery, reduce the number of apps that sync in the background.

3. Reduce Those Notifications

Ah notifications.  Some people love them, others really hate them.  Personally, I’m somewhere in the middle.  Notifications are nice in that they bring you the latest information and updates for your apps.  They are really handy when it comes to receiving emails or text messages.  However, not everything needs to send you notifications.  Do you really need to know when your apps up date or do you need to see the latest updates on a game you are playing?  Not really.  Turn off any notifications that you don’t really need and you will find your battery lasting you longer.

4. Watch the Temperatures

Remember, tablets are just small, compact computers.  That means that heat is their enemy, just like your laptop or desktop.  While they are very good at getting rid of heat, they do prefer a nice room temperature environment in order to operate effectively.  If you store your tablet in areas of extreme heat and cold, then you will notice that your battery does not last quite as long as you think it should.  While it isn’t always avoidable, try to keep your tablet in a nice comfortable room at all times so you get more life out of your battery.

5. Watch Your Widgets

If you run an Android tablet, you will undoubtedly be aware of the widgets that run.  These graphical apps give you up to the minute information about some of your favorite apps, but they come at a cost, and that is your battery life.  These widgets run all the time taking precious processing power and battery power at the same time.  To improve your battery life, try reducing or even eliminating your reliance on widgets.  At the very least, only run widgets that you deem absolutely necessary for you to enjoy your tablet experience.  The less you run, the more juice you will get out of your battery.

6. Avoid Navigation

Maps and navigation can be quite handy, even on a tablet.  However, the apps are real battery hogs.  They make use of your GPS data and constantly run when you are using them to get where you are going.  While you may still want to use them for navigation, make sure to completely shut off the navigation and/or maps apps that you are running when you arrive at your destination.  Leaving them running in the background will simply suck away the life of your battery.

Practice Battery Conservation

On top of all of these tips, always try and practice good battery conservation.  When you aren’t using it, try turning it off or turning on Airplane mode.  This will disable some features but remember you aren’t using it anyway.  The end result is that you use much less battery when you aren’t using it.  At the same time, if you need to charge it, it will also charge a lot faster and give you a more accurate representation of your battery life.

If you don’t plan on using your tablet for an extended period of time, give it a full charge and then turn it off.  This will help protect your battery so it lasts you longer.  Over time, batteries do degrade, so anything you can do to protect the battery will help and keep it running for a much longer period of time before you have to consider changing it.

Parting Thoughts

We all love our tablets, and making them last longer should be everyone’s goal.  By following these tips, you can easily make your tablet last a little longer between charges and you can even protect your battery over the long haul so it keeps giving you great charges for the entire life of the tablet.  So what are you are waiting for?  Start practicing your best battery techniques today so you can get more time out of your tablet before you must charge it.