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Should You Password Protect Your Tablet?

Do you really need to password protect your tablet? Let’s take a look at all the reasons why you should be using the security features.

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Should You Password Protect Your Tablet?

One question I get from many new tablet owners these days is whether or not they should bother password protecting their device.  While this may sound like a no brainer, many users don’t like protecting their tablets with a password simply because it is inconvenient.

Here’s what I mean.  Everything about a tablet screams convenience.  Apps can be opened and closed in seconds and they are very easy to carry around.  However, once you add a password into the mix, the amount of time it takes to access your content goes up, and even those few seconds can seem very much a pain to many users.

Still, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use security on your tablet.  Today, let’s examine exactly why you should add a layer of security to your tablet.  In the end, I think you will understand that it is ultimately necessary for every tablet user and worth that few seconds of inconvenience.

Reasons You Should Password Protect Your Tablet

Below are some of the reasons I believe you should take the time to password protect your tablet to ensure that your device and your data remain safe.

1. Tablets Are More Portable

Because your tablet is more portable than your other devices, you will quickly find that you will take it with you more places, especially if you are using a 7-inch or 8-inch tablet which are the most portable of all.  If you have added wireless service to your tablet, you may start taking with you wherever you go.  This opens your tablet up for the possibility of being lost or stolen.  If you don’t have a password on it, then all your data and even personal information will be left out in the open leaving you at risk for further thefts down the road.

2. More of Our Lives Are On Tablets

In the early days of tablets, most people didn’t keep a lot of personal data on them.  It is a very different story today, however.  Tablets today store so much of our personal and private lives that it can be a real loss if they get stolen or misplaced.  Because of this, the need for protection on your tablet is more important than ever before.

3. Tablet Theft Is On The Rise

Laptop and tablet theft has been on the rise in recent years.  That means that if you take your tablet with you, you are at an even greater risk than ever before.  So it is more important than ever to password protect your tablet.  Even if you leave it in your home, a tablet is something many crooks look for if they break into your home while you are away.

4. Passwords Are Easy

While you can go with some of the classic methods of setting up a password on your tablet, passwords have come a long way from their beginnings.  Today, you can have picture passwords or patterns to draw and many tablets even come with fingerprint readers so all you have to do is touch them to access them.  Because they are much easier and faster today, they aren’t quite as inconvenient as they used to be.  Which is good.  So you have no more excuses!

Other Security Features

In addition to the classic passwords you can setup on your tablet, modern tablets come with other features designed to make your precious portable devices much more secure.  In my opinion, you should also start using these in addition to your traditional password security.  Some of the most common additional layers of security are:

  • App Level Security – Many apps today offer the ability to put in place passwords in order to protect your data within that one app. These features vary app to app, but if they provide it, make sure you use it, as it gives you yet another layer of protection from theft.
  • Find My Device – If your tablet is lost or stolen, you can use this service to pinpoint exactly where it has been taken. If you have lost it, then by all means go and find it.  If you feel it has been stolen, never go find it on your own.  Always contact police and give them the location and let them handle it.
  • Remote Wipe – If all else fails and you can’t find your device, you can use this remote wipe service to get rid of all your data on the device even if you don’t have it in front you. This will help you prevent your data from falling into the wrong hands if your device is stolen and you can’t track it down.

In the end, you should always consider utilizing much more than just the password protection on your device to ensure that everything is as secure as it could possibly be.  After all, added security never hurt anyone, and it could just save you from a disaster.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, adding a little extra layer of security to your tablet is, in the end, very much worth it.  In many ways it can be more important that password protecting your computer, simply because your tablet is so much more portable, so you will want to take it with you to a lot more places compared to your bulky laptop.

With more and more of our lives making it into the tablet world, the need for password protection has become more important than it ever has before.  Make use of the various password technologies on your tablet and try the different methods to find the most convenient way for you.  Whatever you do, never travel with your tablet if you haven’t protected your tablet.  If you do happen to lose it or if it gets stolen, you could leave yourself open to theft.  So, set those passwords on your tablet today.  That way you know that you are protected.

What do you think?  Do you think that the security features on tablets are important or do you not use them on your device?  Let me know what you think in the comments below.  Security is, after all, very important and should be a concern for all.  So let’s talk about it and see if those of us that believe in the security features can convince others to start using it.