Seven Reasons to Choose an iPad

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Seven Reasons to Choose an iPad

Have you been looking at new tablets recently? Are you trying to decide if you should buy an Android tablet or an iPad? There are many reasons why Apple leads the pack in tablet sales today, and it’s not just because the iPad is pretty.

Today, let’s take a look at seven reasons to choose an iPad for your next tablet instead of an Android or Windows tablet. I think you will find that these reasons will make going with an Apple product completely worth it for you in the end.

1. Controlled Hardware and Mobile Operating System

You may be wondering how Apple can manage to keep their software so stable and make sure it is optimized as well as it is. The reason is because Apple strictly controls the hardware and software that goes into the iPad. It isn’t like Android, which is open source and forever being tweaked by different manufacturers. Apple’s mobile OS, iOS, is designed and maintained by one company and created to only be used on very specific hardware. The end result is a much more stable platform that is easy for the company to maintain and great for consumers to enjoy.

2. The App Store

If you need apps, then your best bet is to head to the App store today. Sure, the Google Play Store is filled with many more apps, but their quality control isn’t quite up to the standards of Apple. Apple employs a strict set of rules and standards for its apps and each one is screened before it is allowed to be present on the app store. Add to that the popularity of the iPhone and iPad, and you end up with a store that is filled with thousands of apps that are all designed to work well with your device and provide you with some type of value at the same time.

3. Safety and Security

Apple is well known for running their own “walled garden.” While some consumers hate being trapped in the Apple ecosystem, others find it comforting. Sure, it can be frustrating to have to upgrade when they say to upgrade and many users hate being told what they must and must not do on their devices, but in the end because of this you are much safer and more secure when you are using your device. Yes, the Android offers a much freer experience compared to iOS, but there is a cost. If you are looking for safety and don’t want to have to worry about it, then your best bet is to stick with an iPad when you make your next tablet purchase.

4. Facetime and iMessage

Hands down one of the best messaging services out there today is iMessage. With its ability to work on an iPhone, iPad and even a Mac computer, you can send your text messages to and from all of your devices. They will easily sync with each other so you can pick up right where you left off on one device when you grab an entirely different device. At the same time, you have Facetime. This video conferencing software makes use of the same ID your iMessage uses, making it easy for anyone to place video calls for free as long as they have access to an Internet connect. If communication is key for you, then an iPad should definitely be high on your list.

5. Siri

While you may get a laugh asking Siri silly questions, it really is much more than that. Siri can help you search the web with just your voice and it will even help you send emails, schedule meetings, and it will even help you manage your social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Google and Microsoft both have their own digital assistants, but none are quite as unique as Siri. The best part is, with each update Siri gets even better and smarter. This means that we are either creating Skynet or making our lives even easier. I’m not sure which.

6. Accessories

The iPad is the most popular tablet out there today. With that, comes huge support from accessory manufacturers. If you can think of it, chances are someone has already made an accessory for it. From cases, to bags and much more, it’s all available for the iPad. Heck, you can even buy yourself your own iPad controlled robot if you wish. The point is, if you need an accessory, chances are you have the best shot at finding it available for the iPad.

7. Game Center

Let’s face it, one of the biggest uses of our iPads is playing games. Game Center has been around on iOS for quite some time now and can help you keep track of your games, find friends to play with, and much, much more. Until recently, Android didn’t even have a Game Center type of app. While that has changed, the Android version is still rough around the edges and difficult to use compared to Game Center. If you want a central hub for your games, you simply must pick up an iPad.

Final Thoughts

The Apple iPad is one of the most popular tablets in the world, and the reasons I listed above are only some of the reasons why they are the most popular out there. They are easy to use and fun, and have a full range of features that will make your digital life so much easier.

If you are looking for a device that just works and one that has all the apps that you could possibly ever need, then look no further than the Apple iPad. I am confident that once you do, you will wonder why you ever considered another type of tablet in the first place.

What type of tablet do you use in your home? Do you prefer to use an iPad? If so, we would love to hear from you. Let us know why you love your iPad and tell why you are glad you decided to purchase it instead of an Android or Windows tablet.

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