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The Pros and Cons of an Amazon Fire Tablet

Check out these pros and cons of owning and using an Amazon Fire Tablet so you can decide if these beautiful tablets are right for you.

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The Pros and Cons of an Amazon Fire Tablet

I have realized that in all the posts about tablets, I haven’t really spent a lot of time talking about the Amazon Fire tablet. Honestly, I’m not sure why that is. The tablets themselves are powerful enough to rival many of the top tablets on the market, and they do so at a fraction of the cost. But, when you think tablets, you don’t usually think of Amazon. That’s why today I wanted to spend a little time focusing on the Amazon Fire tablet.

Let’s look at a few of the pros and cons of the Amazon Fire tablet so you can decide if they are right for you. While they are great tablets, they aren’t perfect. I don’t think we have found the perfect tablet yet. Still, they are great devices and worth a closer look if you are shopping for a new portable device for your technology collection.

The Pros

I always like starting with the positive, so let’s begin with some of the reasons why you will love owning and using an Amazon Fire Tablet. These features may even be enough to convince you to order one today.

The Price

First, you can’t deny the price. For only $50, you get a pretty powerful tablet. There are other tablets with a fraction of the power of the Fire that are triple the cost. For the price, it will be hard to find a better tablet option. While these tablets don’t have the power of an iPad Pro, they are really great for consuming content, so why spend four times more when all you want to do is surf the net and watch a few shows? At the end of the day, the Fire Tablet is one of the best tablet deals I have ever found, and the price alone make them worth it.


If you have done any research into digital assistants, then chances are you have heard of Alexa. Alexa competes in the world with the other assistants, and one of its direct competitors is the Google Home. In many ways, Amazon has been winning in this market, as Alexa is ranked as one of the very best options you can choose for a digital companion in your home. Recently, Alexa has been included on the Fire HD tablets, so you have access to Amazon’s personal assistance right on your tablet. With Alexa, you can shop, search the Internet, and more, all with your voice. Now, with Alexa, you can do that right on your tablet without buying a separate Alexa device.

Display and Sound

For their price, you would expect Amazon to make a few sacrifices on the hardware. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, Amazon has taken great care in designing a tablet that is powerful and full of features. The display on these little devices are truly amazing. Sure, they aren’t as high quality as a retina display on an iPad Pro, but they are more than enough to provide a perfect viewing experience. Then there’s the sound. The speakers are small, there is no avoiding that, but they are very clear and provide a rich sound for their size. At the end of the day, Amazon was trying to design a tablet to consume media, and they did that perfectly with a great display and clear sound.

The Cons

Now that we know some of the best aspects of using an Amazon Fire Tablet, it’s time to look at a few cons. It’s important to know that bad along with the good, so you can decide for yourself it the tablet is a good fit for your needs.

Display Size

First, I will admit, that this won’t be a con to everyone. Some will like the smaller screen size of the Fire tablets. You can easily find the 7-inch and 8-inch versions on Amazon, but unfortunately to get a larger screen, you will pay quite a bit more. For me, I prefer a tablet screen size to be in the 9 to 10-inch ranges. That gives me more room not only to enjoy my favorite movies and television shows, but also plenty of room if I want to get a little work done. The smaller screens are great for kids or just enjoying a few games and watching some shows, but can be limiting if you want to use your tablet for more than that.

App Availability

This is the big one. The Amazon Fire OS may be based on Android, but it has been so heavily modded that it’s almost unrecognizable. On top of that, there is no access to the Play Store, so you are forced to use Amazon’s store for your app needs. Amazon’s store is missing many popular apps that you would expect to find everywhere. I’m looking at you Instagram. This lack of apps extends to all types including games, productivity, and more. While with a little work you can install from other places, most people have no idea this feature even exists. In the end, if you want a better selection of apps, you need to look at other tablet options.

Amazon Prime

I don’t think there is anyone out there that has a Fire tablet that will argue this point. In order to get the most out of your tablet, you will need an Amazon Prime membership. This means that you will be paying a yearly subscription just to access some of the services on the Fire tablet. Sure, you get a lot more for your membership, such as faster shipping from Amazon, their streaming app, and more, but is that really enough to justify the cost? I’m not sure. And if you have a Fire tablet, you will find the experience lacking without it.

Final Thoughts

Finally, a post about the Amazon Fire tablets. What did you think? The Amazon Fire tablets are great devices, but they aren’t for everyone. They are perfect devices for children or basic users or anyone who lives in the Amazon ecosystem with Amazon Prime and the like. However, they are somewhat limited. Their screens are smaller than other tablets, the app choices are limited, and you won’t get as much out of it without Prime.

However, the price of these devices are amazing and the hardware powerful and it is beautifully designed. All in all, it’s a great affordable tablet and if you are in the market for a new tablet for basic usage and media consumption, then it will be tough to find something better.

What do you think? Do you like the Amazon Fire HD tablet or do you prefer one of the premium tablet models out there? Sound off in the comments below.