Lenovo’s New Tablet Lineup Has Something For Everyone

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Lenovo's New Tablet Lineup Has Something For Everyone

A while ago, one tablet was enough for the whole family. However, the devices have become so affordable that it now makes more sense for each person to have one that’s tailored specifically to their needs.

That’s what Lenovo had in mind when it unveiled its new lineup of tablets at Mobile World Congress, late last month. The new products are meant to please anyone – from parents to professionals – that’s on a budget.

The Tab 4


Coming in 8- and 10-inch screen sizes, the Tab 4 is an upgrade to last year’s Tab 3. With the small model priced at $109 and the larger one at $149, it’s also the most affordable of the new releases, and the most suitable for kids and casual users.

Both versions feature 1280 X 800-pixel resolution displays, quad-core processors, 2GB RAM and 16GB expandable storage. Given their price tags, these are generous specifications.

If you’re buying one for a child, Lenovo lets you add a Kids Pack into your cart, which gets you two scratch-resistant adhesive backs, a screen protector, a shock-resistant bumper, and easy access to the built-in Kids Account. The optional packs will set you back an extra $20 or $25, depending on the size of tablet you pick.

The Tab 4 Plus


As is evidenced by a much more premium glass and metal construction, the Tab 4 Plus is meant for the serious, professional users. Like the Tab 4, this tablet also comes with either an 8-inch or a 10-inch display.

With both sizes, you get an extra-sharp 1200 x 1920-pixel WUXGA display and, internally, a step up to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 625 CPU. Lenovo serves up two memory configurations with the tablet: 3GB RAM and 16GB internal storage, or 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage.

The Tab 4 Plus also gives you the chance to purchase an optional add-on pack, but this time, it’s meant to enhance your productivity. For an extra $50, you’ll get a folding keyboard cover with Bluetooth connectivity. The tablet automatically switches to landscape mode when connected to the keyboard, which makes the interface friendlier for use as a mini laptop.

As expected, the Tab 4 Plus tablets are priced higher than the Tab 4 variants, with the 8-inch version going for $199, and the 10-inch model for $249. Regardless, all four devices are delightful additions to the budget tablets category.

The Miix 320


The Tab 4 Plus might be office-friendly, but Android 7.0 is hardly the go-to operating system if you want to get real work done. Lenovo understands this as well, and has accompanied its new Tab 4 range with a 10-inch keyboard-equipped Windows tablet, the Lenovo Miix 320.

Going by 2-in-1 standards, the tablet is only modestly specced, with a 1920 x 1200-pixel resolution screen, an Atom X5 processor, 4GB RAM and 128GB storage. Nevertheless, it’s enough to get you through a day of processing documents and browsing the web, and even better, it debuts at a very reasonable $200.

If you’re looking for a tablet to handle a typical day’s workload, but you don’t have the money to spend on a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 or another similarly-priced premium device, the Lenovo Miix 320 is undoubtedly worth a closer look.

Wrap Up

This year’s MWC saw the announcement of some thoroughly impressive devices, but no company had as much to offer as Lenovo.

With its five great, budget-friendly tablets, the company has comprehensively covered the entire tablet market. And did I mention that they’re all LTE-enabled? Lenovo really isn’t leaving anything to chance

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