Inside Sources Claim Apple Will Launch a 10.5-Inch iPad in 2017

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Inside Sources Claim Apple Will Launch a 10.5-Inch iPad in 2017

Multiple inside sources now claim that Apple plans to launch a 10.5-Inch iPad sometime in 2017 as part of its refreshed iPad lineup. The report, originally published at Digitimes, claims that this new iPad will be geared toward “education and enterprise” giving users another size iPad to choose from in the lineup.

This new 10.5-Inch iPad will supposedly be equipped with Apple’s A10X processor, which is also expected to become a part of the iPad next year. Production of these new devices is expected to begin next month.

“Apple is launching the 10.5-inch iPad mainly because 10-inch and larger tablets have been popular among enterprises and the education sector in the US, the sources said. Its existing 9.7-inch iPad may be too small and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro too expensive for such procurement, the sources indicated.”

This most recent claim was released in a report from the Taiwanese supply chain. However, they aren’t the first to make claims suggesting that Apple will be releasing a new sized device in the coming year. In November, Barclays analysts claimed that a bezel-free 10.9-inch model would be released along with an updated 9.7-inch model and a new 12.9-inch iPad.

Of course, that would mean that at least on one model, there would be no home button. While we don’t know for sure, all of these different rumors do seem plausible. Not long ago, Apple applied for a patent on a “Capacitive fingerprint sensor including an electrostatic lens.” This patent would seem to indicate that Apple does plan on, at least one day, saying farewell to the home button.

As you can see, there are some differences in these new rumors. However, this latest rumor concerning the 10.5-inch iPad could be even more credible. Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities said the same thing and even mentioned the A10X processor. This could lead everyone to believe that there is more to this latest rumor than some of the other rumors swirling around the net.

So why is Apple planning a 10.5-inch iPad? Many experts believe it is due to the fact that enterprises and educational systems prefer this size over the smaller devices. While there is the 12.9-inch model, many feel that for some uses this one is just too big. The 10.5-inch model strikes a happy medium between the 9.7-inch and the 12.9-inch, giving users a bigger screen without going too big.

If they do make these changes, it will mark another major shift for Apple on their signature tablet. The question remains, however, if this rumor is actually true. Apple, as usual, hasn’t said a word about it and probably won’t until they unveil the new line of iPads. Most experts expect this reveal to come sometime soon and the devices could be available as soon as March.

What do you think about the idea of another size iPad? Does it give you too many choices or would you prefer a tablet with a slightly larger screen but one that is still smaller than the bulky 12.9-inch models? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

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