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How to Deal With Common Mac Performance Issues?

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Macbooks are some of the most reliable computers in the world. However, a time will come when you start to notice that your Macbook is not performing as great as it did when you first bought it.

Does this mean that you should look for a replacement computer? That is an option, but it would cost money. Instead, your first move should be fixing the issues and seeing how much these fixes would improve the situation. 

This blog post mentions the most common Macbook issues and how to deal with them. Use the article as a reference.

Issue #1 – Overheating

Overheating should not be a prominent issue if you are not overburdening the computer with applications that require many system resources. Video games are a good example, given how most Macbook owners struggle to run high-end video games.

Nevertheless, if Mac’s temperature is not optimal regardless, do not wait until the internal hardware is damaged. 

Start with checking when the temperature rises. Is it after the computer has been running for a while? Or maybe when you launch particular applications? Regular restarts might help, but they are a temporary solution.

It is possible that there is too much dust and dirt inside the Mac. All that filth is a hindrance, and you should remove it regularly. 

Finally, if you are still unhappy with the result despite your best efforts, get a cooling pad. The accessory is relatively cheap and will relieve the burden of the internal Macbook fans.

Issue #2 – Loud Fan Noise

Loud fan noise is similar to overheating. Overworking internal fans will lead to performance problems because the fans are unable to cool off the hardware. 

In addition to getting rid of dust inside the Mac and getting yourself a cooling pad, you could also get software that allows you to manage fan capacity manually. Try different variations and see whether it makes any difference.

If the issue continues to present itself, you still have an option to take the computer to a service store and have them look at it, or at least consult the staff about other potential solutions.

Issue #3 – Flickering Screen

You may encounter a flickering screen now and then. The problem is not that big, especially if it occurs around one or two times every week. A simple computer restart should do the trick.

On the other hand, if the Mac screen starts to flicker too often, it is possible that there is something wrong with the compatibility between the OS version and GPU. 

If you notice that the screen has started to flicker frequently after you have installed the most recent operating system update, go back to the previous OS version and see whether that fixes the problem. 

Issue #4 – Stuttering and Crashing

A poorly-optimized web browser is not necessarily a Macbook problem. Some people take things too far with custom extensions and add-ons. They also forget to clear browser cache regularly.

On the off chance that the problem is, in fact, related to the Macbook, you will need to make some changes. For starters, clear all the system junk from the drive. Confirm that the system is up to date and you are not missing any drivers. 

If the issue remains, install a different internet browser and see how it performs. Doing so could turn out as the best solution to the problem.