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Five Reasons You Should Consider a Tablet in 2018

Check out these five reasons why you should consider a tablet in 2018, despite what many of the so called experts might say.

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Are tablets dead? That’s what many experts would have you believe. But I don’t buy it. At least not yet. Sure, they aren’t as popular as they used to be with the invention of convertibles and 2-in-1 devices. But, they still have their place. No matter how great convertibles are, they still aren’t quite as convenient as a good tablet.

So, to help you see that they aren’t dead, I thought it would be fun to highlight just five reasons why you should consider a tablet in 2018. This is definitely not every reasons I could think of, but I feel like these are the largest and most important reasons that still show that tablets are relevant even today. Shall we get started?

1. E-Reader

E-books are where’s it at in the reading world. The are cheaper to buy, and instead of carrying around a bookcase, all you need is your tablet. With cross platform apps from the likes of Amazon and more, it’s easy to carry around an entire library with you so you can read pretty much whenever and wherever you want. Sure, you could buy a dedicated e-reader, but that’s all those devices will do. If you ever want to do something else with it, you are simply out of luck. On the other hand, your tablet can be your e-reader and so much more.

2. Watching Movies and Television

This is one thing that I personally love best about my tablet. I have kids, and that means that the television could be occupied already when I want to watch something. Sure, I could kick them off the main TV (and sometimes I do) or I can fire up the same movie on Netflix using my iPad Pro. In many cases, I enjoy catching up on my show and night right before bed. So, I lie in bed and fire up my tablet and enjoy the show I want to catch up on before I hit the sack.

3. Great for Kids

When kids are young, they aren’t ready for a smartphone. In fact, there are studies that show that kids should wait a long time before they get a smartphone. While I won’t comment on those as that’s not the purpose of this article, one thing I do agree with is that little kids don’t need one. But, a tablet is a great alternative and the perfect first electronic device. It’s large enough for them to easily handle and not lose and with the right case it can withstand almost anything. On top of that, there are many great learning apps and games for kids that can provide hours of quality learning entertainment for them both at home and especially when you are traveling. Nothing helps those long car rides than a fully charged tablet, I promise you that.

4. Large Screen for Drawing or Writing

Do you like to draw or do you prefer taking notes by hand but still want everything to be stored digitally? Then a tablet is definitely right for you. It’s easy with an Apple Pencil on an iPad or a stylus on a Windows or Android tablet to take notes or draw amazing pictures just as you would on a piece of paper. Those files can then be saved digitally with just a few taps of your finger. Combine that with the long battery life found on most tablets and you have the perfect device for taking notes in class or drawing when you are enjoying the outdoors.

5. Perfect for Portable Typing

Look, I know that small laptops still beat a tablet when it comes to typing, but you have to admit that tablets do a much better job of this than your smartphone. If you need to write a few emails or maybe even create or edit a document while you are traveling or just lounging on your couch, tablets are the perfect tool to do just that. The keyboards are larger and, if you are like most people, you probably already have a case with a portable keyboard, and that makes it even easier. I don’t know how many emails I send on my tablet, but I can tell you it’s quite a few, and I prefer to use it over my smartphone unless I have no other option.

Parting Thoughts

While many may believe tablets are dead, I assure you they are far from it. Sure, sales have slowed, but people are hanging onto their devices longer because they last much longer than a smartphone. There are still many great reasons to own a tablet today, and trust me tablets aren’t going anywhere. So if you are on the fence, I encourage you to read through these reasons again. If one of them sounds like you, then you could find your tablet very useful.

Do you agree with me or do you still believe that tablets are dead? I would love to hear what you think on the matter. Sound off in the comments below and tell me why you think they are still worth it today or if you disagree tell me why they aren’t. I would love to spark a good debate.