Five Reasons to Choose a Different Mail App Over iOS Mail

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Five Reasons to Choose a Different Mail App Over iOS Mail

For a long time, users were very limited on choices when it came to email on their iPhones and iPads. This was because Apple simply wouldn’t allow for the development of these types of apps for iOS. However, in the last few years, Apple has opened the doors for developers to create alternatives to some of the core apps found on iOS.

One of the biggest apps to receive competition from third party developers was the iOS mail app. While on its own it is a very strong app with a clean interface and a wide range of features, some users still aren’t happy with it. I know I wasn’t when I used iOS devices. So when we were first allowed to make the switch, I jumped on it and immediately began using Outlook.

Of course, with the iOS mail app working so well, you may be asking why you should even bother using a different mail app. Today we will look at five reasons you should start using a different mail app on your iPad or iPhone.

1. Interface Issues

Make no mistake, the interface on the Mail app is beautiful and streamlined. It looks great when you use it on an iPhone or an iPad. However, some people just don’t like it. I guess it comes down to personal preference. While the interface may work well, some find it too simple or just don’t like the way it looks. If that sounds like you, then I would definitely try one of the other mail apps available to download. Honestly, there was always something I didn’t like about the interface, although I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. But once I switched to a different mail app, I was happy.

2. Features

The mail app that comes with your iPad is pretty rich in features, but for some who need a little more, it is sorely lacking. This is especially true for those that rely on integrated calendars and email from the workplace in order to get their job done. While the Mail app is pretty good for those that only use the most basic features of email, anyone that really dives in and uses the most advanced features found in many email apps will find the Mail app lacking. If you want to do more with your email, then I highly suggest you try other options other than the default Mail app built into iOS.

3. Gmail

While Gmail will connect rather easily to the Mail app, there is no denying that Google just does it better. Their Inbox app feels very much like the Mail app, but with a few improvements. You really can’t beat the integration with Gmail on this app. But that makes sense. After all, the app was designed to work specifically with your Gmail account. If you are a big Gmail fan, and you want to get the most out of your email on your iPhone or iPad, then you definitely should try the apps from Google. I think you will find they are far superior than anything the Mail app can do.

4. Corporate Email

To be fair, the iOS mail app does support Exchange Activesync so you can setup your corporate email account on your smartphone. However, in my experience it doesn’t always work with some servers, especially since the iOS 10 update. On top of that, some companies may not want you to use the mail app for your email. Instead, they may specify what app you have to use or give you a choice of a few third party apps. While you may not like this, you have to follow the rules if you want your company email on your personal smartphone.

5. Personal Preference

Despite using an iPhone and an iPad, there are many users out there that just aren’t fans of the default apps created by Apple. That doesn’t mean their bad, they just don’t meet the user’s needs or they prefer not to be tied in so closely with Apple products. I get it. If you find yourself in this group, you probably like the mail app, but you just feel funny when using the Apple apps. In the end, this is a great reason to make the switch to a different mail app. Since you will probably be doing a lot of email from your iPad, then why not use an app that you prefer. Don’t settle for an app you don’t enjoy using. Instead, use an email app that you enjoy and meets your personal needs.

Still a Great Option

Despite all of these reasons that I have listed today, it’s important to remember that the included Mail app is still a strong contender for your mail app of choice. In fact, if this was a best Mail app article for the iPad, it would definitely make the list. It may not be my number one, but it is still a great mail app that looks amazing and integrates nicely with your iPhone or iPad. So don’t count it out while you are testing. In some cases, you may find that it works best for you, while for others, it may just not have the interface or features they are looking for in a mail app.

Final Thoughts

It still amazes me how many people think they still have to use the apps that came with their iPhones. While you are stuck in some cases, you aren’t when it comes to your email. At least not anymore.

If you fall into one of these reasons I have listed above, I would suggest trying a different mail app. There are many different options out there for you and you could find a mail app that works so much better than the one that comes on your iPad.

Do you use a different mail app on your iPad or do you prefer to use the one that came with it? Sound off in the comments below and let me know what you think about the different mail apps out there.

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