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Five Reasons to Buy the New 2017 iPad Pro

Check out these five reasons why the new 2017 iPad Pro should be on your shopping list this year.

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Five Reasons to Buy the New 2017 iPad Pro

Are in the market for a new tablet this holiday season? If so, there has never been a better time to buy. Outside of the discounts and sales you will find out there, the tablets themselves have never been more powerful and more feature-rich than they are today. Trust me, that’s a good thing.

Of course, when shopping for a new tablet, you will be faced with buying an Android tablet, a Microsoft tablet or an Apple iPad or iPad Pro. There definitely is no shortage of choices. While that’s great, it can make your decision more difficult.

Now every tablet has its own strengths and weaknesses, and I’m not here today to try and push you to one particular brand. For some of you, an Android tablet will make more sense. While others will want a Microsoft tablet because you need a tablet on the Windows platform. Others will want to stick with the company that made tablets the success they are today – Apple. The iPad Pro is one of the best tablets on the market, and there are many reasons for you to choose one of these tablets over the others out there. Today, let’s examine some of the strengths of the 2017 iPad Pro and why you should consider buying one this year.

The A10X Fusion Chip

With each new iPad release, Apple continues to improve the processor. This makes the new iPads even faster than the previous models, and you can really tell with this year’s refresh of the iPad Pro line. This chip includes three fusion cores and a 12-core graphics processor. This added power gives your apps more than enough to run quickly and the graphics processor means games and anything you do on the display will be a superb experience. The chip is paired with Apple’s M10 motion co-processor and 4GB of RAM to give you all the power you will ever need to run any mobile app out there with ease.

The Camera

While trying to shoot video with an iPad can be difficult, there are times when it can be useful. Sure it’s easier to do it with your smartphone, but if you need a larger view finder or want to setup a stable camera somewhere for recording, the iPad Pro can do it with ease. It includes the iPhone 7’s 12MP iSight camera with a 7MP FaceTime HD front-facing camera and includes all the bells and whistles found on the iPhone 7. Now some have questioned why it didn’t include the dual camera design of the iPhone 7 Plus or even the iPhone 8 camera technology, but that’s more than likely due to cost. After all, an iPad is never your primary camera so why add to the cost with including the higher end cameras? Still, these cameras are great pieces of equipment and will take amazing shots if you give them a chance.

The Display

Remember, when you buy a tablet, you will be using the screen for everything. From navigation to sitting back and watching movies, the display on a tablet is probably the most important piece of hardware. The new iPad Pro doesn’t disappoint. With screen sizes available in both 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch, these displays are a bit larger than previous models. This gives you more room to work with, and it is essential if you want to get any real work done on your device.

On top of that, the 264PPI Wide Color Retina display with True Tone is one of the most beautiful displays I have ever seen. The colors are accurate and vibrant, and if even includes a laminated display and anti-reflective coatings to make it easier to view in a variety of conditions. Of course, the biggest seller is ProMotion. This new screen refresh technology makes the iPad Pro feel even faster than it actually is. The screen is hugely responsive thanks to this technology so every touch, tap and swipe will be fluid and fast.

Battery Life

As we have already discussed, the iPad Pro comes with larger displays than previous models. One might worry that these larger displays will lead to shorter battery life. However, even these latest models boast a 10-hour battery life. To accomplish this, Apple has modified the battery specs over previous models slightly. The 10.5-inch iPad Pro, for example, has a 30.4-watt-hour battery, while the 12.9-inch has kept the 41-watt-hour battery to give it the power it needs.

Smart Connector & Accessories

The smart connector comes standard on all iPad Pro models, and it allows you to connect a wide range of powered devices to your iPad Pro. The end result is a wide range of accessories, including many different keyboards, that will allow you to easily connect to your iPad Pro so you can enhance its ability. Combine that with Apple accessories such as the Apple Pencil, and you have all the navigation accessories you will ever need to transform your iPad Pro into a serious work machine.

So Should You Upgrade to the iPad Pro?

Really I think now is a great time to upgrade your device. Of course, whether or not you should do it is entirely up to you and your situation. If your iPad or tablet is aging and you are looking for something new, I strongly encourage you to consider the iPad Pro. Just keep in mind that these iPads are more expensive than the standard iPad, so make sure your budget can handle it. If you do upgrade, I can guarantee you will be happy with your purchase.

Parting Thoughts

The 2017 iPad Pro is one of the most powerful iPads and tablets on the market today. Only a few devices can rival its overall power and accessories and features in the world of standard tablets. If you are in the market for a new tablet, I strongly suggest you take a closer look at the iPad Pro line of tablets. I think you will find they are the perfect tablet for your needs, especially if you need something for both work and play.

Have you purchased one of the latest iPad Pros from Apple this year? If so, what do you think about the design and experience? Tell me what you think in the comments below.