Tablet Tips

Have you noticed that your iPad doesn’t seem to hold a charge as it used to?  Over time, the batteries used in tablets simply start to wear out.  Essentially they age, and not always gracefully.  Even if you have a brand new iPad, many of the features built into Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 8,… Read more »

If you are even somewhat technologically savvy, chances are you have one or two old devices just sitting around taking up space in your home or office.  You may even have an old tablet or two collecting dust.  Sometimes, this happens because our old devices just become too out dated to be useful anymore.  Of… Read more »

Today, thanks to a wide variety of apps available on the Google Play Store, you can actually use your tablet as more than just an entertainment device.  In fact, it can become a full mobile workstation if you simply download and install the right apps.  With the right apps and maybe even a Bluetooth keyboard,… Read more »

In this modern age that is filled with touchscreen devices that allow you impressive navigation with just the touch of your finger, one might think that the time of the stylus is at an end.  In the early days of the stylus, before the age of the touchscreen, these little pieces of plastic would allow… Read more »

Whether you just picked a brand new iPad Air 2, or the latest Android tablet from Samsung, you are going to want to be able to get the most from your investment.  If you don’t, you will find that you don’t use your tablet as much as you probably could and you definitely won’t use… Read more »

When Apple first announced the original iPad, no one had any idea exactly what Apple was about to create.  Not only did the tech company create an entirely new market for a new tech gadget that would soon make its way in one form or another into millions of households across the country, but they… Read more »

(And 5 Reasons You Should Not) Despite the widespread adoption of tablets of all shapes and sizes, you are still one of the few remaining holdouts unwilling to loosen your tight grasp on your laptop in favor of these smaller devices that are currently all the rage.  If this sounds like you, it may be… Read more »

It’s hard to believe that it has only been 5 short years since Apple introduced the original iPad and ushered in a new era of mobile computing like we have never seen before.  With the introduction of the iPad, an entirely new market was born.  Since that time, many different manufacturers began developing and releasing… Read more »