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8 Benefits of Choosing Android for Your Tablet

Have you ever wondered what the benefits of choosing Android actually are? We highlight eight of them right here.

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8 Benefits of Choosing Android for Your Tablet

The tablet scene has exploded in recent years thanks to the release of the Apple iPad.  Today, the market is flooded with all sorts of tablets running Apple’s iOS, Microsoft Windows, and Google’s mobile operating system, Android.  Overall, Android has taken control of the market as many manufacturers of tablets have chosen that operating system to power their devices.  But still, many others choose the iPad line and even Windows.

There are definite benefits to choosing Android for your tablet.  Today, we will take a look at eight of those benefits.  My hope is that I can remain completely bias while giving you great reasons to consider Android for your next tablet purchase, whether it’s a budget tablet under $200 or a high-performance tablet for business.

1. It’s an Open System

Unlike the world of the iPad where Apple closely watches what can and can’t be installed on the devices, the Android system is much more open.  While you can easily access the Google Play Store from almost any device, you aren’t limited to it.  In fact, you can install apps from multiple sources around the web to get exactly what you want out of your tablet.  Yes, there are added risks when not using the store, but isn’t it up to the user to decide if those risks are acceptable and not some big corporation?

2. You’re In Control

One of my favorite aspects of Android is the fact that I am in full control of the system.  If I want to install a different version of Android, I can do that.  If I want to access the file system and move things around myself, no problem.  The system is not locked down at all and you can even root your device for even more control.

3. Apps are Cheaper

There are many more apps available on the Google Play store and many of these apps are cheaper and some are even free on this platform compared to others.  Developers often tend to charge for apps on the App Store but since the user base is far more diverse on the Google Play Store, you can often find cheaper apps or even free ones that you can use instead.

4. Variable Prices

Unlike the iPad, which is just expensive, there are many different types of Android tablets on the market.  These tablets come in at a variety of price points from very cheap to ultra expensive.  They are all designed with different users in mind and are created so that more and more of the population gains access to this type of technology.  This, in the end, is a good thing for the market and for technology, as it opens up the world of technology to many more people around the world.

5. Wearables Market

Like them or hate them, smartwatches and other wearables are here to stay.  That means that we will see even more hit the market very soon.  Most of these wearables are built with Android in mind and will easily connect to your device right out of the box without you having to do anything special.  Contrast that with iOS, where you will find only a small handful of devices that are compatible and often some features are missing if you choose to sync it with an iPad.

6. Customizable UI

The user interface of Android is much like the rest of the system – easily customizable.  Some manufacturers have created their own interfaces and even some industrious users, as well.  The point is you can load your own to create a unique experience that is tailored to you and not what one big company thinks you should be doing.

7. Innovation

Most of the latest and greatest innovations to tablets and other mobile devices got their start on Android.  Sure, many apps may hit the iPad before Android, but true technology improvements often get their start on the Android.  If something doesn’t exist, the open nature of the platform ensures that it most likely will someday as well.

8. Widgets

Okay, I admit, this may be here simply because I like it.  I know some of you hate widgets.  However, I find that using widgets on the Android is one of the best ways to get quick answers to everything I need to know on a regular basis, and they look great too.  Other platforms have been hesitant to include these little pieces of software or have introduced some half baked versions in an attempt to appease users.  Why they won’t just duplicate what has already been done, I don’t know.  The point is, widgets are a great addition to the mobile OS and make it look quite snazzy in the process.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the benefits of using Android as your mobile operating system of choice.  I believe that if you give Android a try, you will find it to be a very capable and very powerful mobile operating system that will give you much more freedom and choice compared to anything else on the market.  Does that mean you need to exercise that power with care?  Of course it does.  In fact, you have to be even more careful on Android as it will let you do almost anything you want to the system.

In the end, Android ends up being one of the most powerful and freeing mobile operating systems on the market, giving you many more benefits over the fenced garden that is Apple’s iOS ecosystem.  Add to that the sheer amount of options, and chances are you will easily find a tablet that meets your budget so you can gain access to the world of mobile computing without having to invest a fortune.