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10 Steps to Try to Save a Wet Tablet

Try these 10 steps to save a wet tablet so you can rescue it from drowning and avoid expensive repairs or replacement.

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10 Steps to Try to Save a Wet Tablet

Tablets and water simply don’t mix.  We all know that.  How many of you have had to deal with losing a device because it fell in a puddle of water or accidentally went through the wash?  It is really a common thing.  I mean there is a reason they make insurance for tablets and smartphones, after all.  Still, when it happens, your first instinct will be to panic and then you will assume the worse.  You may even go ahead and give your device a try to see if it is functioning or not.

One word…DON’T.  I don’t care how tempting it may be, do not use your device.  Now that we got that out of the way, today I want to talk for a few about what you should do if your tablet should get wet.  While I cannot guarantee that you will save your tablet from harm, there is a chance that you will come out of this without having to seek a replacement.  In my book, that small chance makes it all worth it in the end.  After all, if you don’t have to shell out another $200 bucks or more for a new tablet, all the better.

So let’s get started with some of the most common things you should do if you happen to get your tablet wet.

1. Don’t Panic

Whatever you do, do not panic.  Yes I know this is tragic and everything but you can’t let panic take hold.  You need to be able to act fast if you want to have any chance in hell at saving your very expensive tablet.  So get control of yourself and get down to the business of rescuing your tablet from its watery grave.

2. Power Off the Tablet

First, power off your tablet before you do anything else.  Electricity and water just don’t mix, and your tablet could short out and even shock you or catch fire when it takes a bath in water.  So, quickly shut the power down on the tablet first so you ensure your safety and, hopefully, the safety of your tablet.

3. Remove Components

Many tablets don’t allow you to remove anything on them these days, but if you can go ahead and remove anything that can be removed.  Don’t go crazy and start removing the screws to take it apart unless you know what you are doing, but remove anything that isn’t anchored down in such a way.

4. Blot Everything Dry with a Soft Cloth

Don’t wipe the water away from your tablet and its components.  Instead, blot it dry with a soft towel or rag that won’t leave anything behind.  Cover every inch of your tablet making sure there is nothing that remains.

5. Try a Rice Bath

Rice is well known for drawing moisture out of anything around it.  So, take a large bowl and fill it with rice playing your tablet in the center.  Make sure it is completely covered and let it stay there overnight and maybe even part of the next day.  The rice will pull out any moisture in your tablet leaving it dry.

6. Hair Dryer

While some people don’t recommend this because of how hot they can get, if you are careful you can get away with using a hair dryer to heat the components and case inside to dry out the water.  Just don’t let it get too hot or you could damage the components.

7. Get Cooking

Personally, I’m not a fan of this one, but many have reported that it worked.  If you set your oven on its lowest setting, say around 120 degrees Fahrenheit, you can actually cook your phone to evaporate the water.  This temperature won’t damage your phone but will get rid of that water, although you will have to let it cook overnight or until you are sure it is done.  When it is, be sure you give it plenty of time to cool down to room temperature before you give it a try.  One more thing, don’t think you can do this in just minutes using a microwave.  If you microwave your device, you will destroy it.

8. Alcohol Bath

If your tablet was submerged in water, you can try an alcohol bath to displace the water.  Alcohol evaporates much more quickly than water.  This means that if you give it a good alcohol bath, it will displace the water in your tablet leaving on the alcohol behind.  When you remove it, the alcohol will evaporate quickly leaving a dry device behind.  Only use this as a last resort, however.

9. Take It For Repair

Sometimes there is simply nothing you can do to stop the damage to your tablet.  It all happens in the blink of an eye and you often cannot react fast enough no matter how clear headed you remain.  If his happens, you can take it in to a certified repair dealer and get the messed up components replaced.  If you have insurance, you can go through your provider to get a replacement as well.

10. Consider a New Device

So many people continue to have issues with tablets even after repair once they have gone for a swim.  If you don’t want to deal with these types of headaches, then you could start shopping for a new device to replace the one that drowned.  This, of course, is your most expensive option and I only recommend it if you just have no other choice and the cost of a new tablet will fit into your budget.


Now I should note before I sign off for the day that we aren’t talking about a few drops of water here.  I’m talking about your device getting submerged or at least a good shower from a spilled drink or a dip in the sink, something like that.

Remember, if this does happen to you, it is important not to panic and act fast if you want to save it.  Power and water simply don’t mix, so cut the power as quickly as possible and then proceed to do your best to clean it up, making sure it is completely dry before you try to use it.  While I cannot guarantee that you will be able to save your tablet, there is a chance.  So why not take it and try to dry it out before you use it.