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10 Important Things iPad Owners Ought to Know

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iPads are amazing devices that come with the perfect dimensions, neither too big nor too small. They come in handy when you want to work on Procreate, watch a movie, stream your favorite web series, play games, or just another random task like checking your emails. 

They are portable, compact, and don’t occupy much space in your handbag. Similar to any other digital device, taking care of iPads is equally important to protect them from any kind of physical, internal, or online damage. 

The article explains some inevitable tips that you may use to get the most from your iPad while handling it carefully. 

Get a Protective Case

First things first, you should encase your iPad as soon as you unbox it in the outlet. You can get the hard case for your iPad from the store or can purchase it online. Accidents do happen, and a hard case will protect this compact device from accidental damages such as a cracked screen or broken hardware. 

Restrict the Lock Screen

You would never want anyone to view your notifications that are visible on the lock screen as they may reveal any sensitive details. Snippets of social media updates, email messages, banking details can be visible to an unauthorized person, so it’s better to secure the lock screen. You can hide the notification and prevent apps from opening from the lock screen. 

Share Data Between Devices

If you have multiple Apple devices, you can share data between them using in-built file transferring features such as AirPlay or AirDrop. These utilities allow you to transfer files between iphone and mac, iPad and Mac, iPad and iPhone, and so on. To share data using AirDrop and Airplay, make sure to connect to the same WIFI and log in using the same Apple ID on all Apple devices. 

Secure Browser for Safe Web Experience

You might be using Apple’s native Safari app for browsing the web and gaining the fastest experience. Safari is one of the fastest browsers that encapsulates many useful features. Private Browsing is one such feature that ensures that the web page that you have opened in one tab cannot pull information about the pages active on other tabs. When the Private Browsing mode is enabled, it protects your browsing history by keeping it untrackable. 

Update & Back Up Often

Whether you are using an iPad or any other tablet, you should update it regularly as not only does it help configure new features but fix the bugs that might be slowing down your computer putting data at stake. Also, ensure that you have an effective backup schedule in place to keep your data secure and accessible after a hacking attempt or virus intrusion.

Set Up Find My iPad Feature

Security of the device is not just restricted to preventing it from online threats, unauthorized access, or virus attacks. It’s much more than that. What if you lost your device, or it got stolen? If it ever happens, you can wipe every single bit of data from your phone remotely to prevent thieves from accessing your data. 

Use Strong Passwords for Accounts

When installing apps on your iPad or setting up iCloud, you must be prompted to assign passwords to each account. When you have multiple online accounts such as your email account, online banking account, or eCommerce accounts, never use the same password for all of them. When creating passwords, use a combination of alphanumeric passwords and pair them with special characters as well as uppercase and lowercase letters. 

Manage User Permissions

You should carefully view and manage application permissions and user access rights to ensure that no one can make unnecessary changes to your personal information. If proper access rights and permissions are not in place, your device and entire data can suffer loss. Make sure to view these application permissions to check if they are collecting your location and similar information. 

Open Multiple Apps on iPad

Apple’s intuitive interface and compact size are not designed to handle basic tasks, but they are meant to do things differently and efficiently. You may open multiple apps on the iPad, such as image editor and screenshot recorder, altogether without facing slowdowns. Tapping the home button twice will open all potential apps in the right to the left position. You can highlight the app to open it on your iPad. 

Visit Websites Carefully 

When you get a new device, you visit multiple websites out of excitement to download as many apps as possible to ease your everyday tasks. However, there is no harm in downloading applications on the iPad until you have sufficient hard drive space and RAM available. 

The Conclusion 

iPads are multi-purpose devices that allow users to access these compact screens and utilize them to the fullest. Learn these tips and implement them on your iPad to turn it into a robust device.